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Why Should I Index My Book?

Have you ever lost a sock in the laundry? You know for sure that you had a complete pair when you put the dirty laundry into the machine. Where did it go after that?

Finding facts in a nonfiction book is similar. You know you read that piece of information somewhere in the book, but it's often impossible to find where it went once you close the cover.

A good index will keep you from losing that fact forever. It provides a framework by which you cannot only find the one piece of information you were seeking, but also find related bits and pieces, building as complete an answer to your question as the book can provide. A well-written index reflects the author's words and intention and meets the reader's needs.

For more insight on the value of a professionally-prepared index, read the following blog entry:

Now, if an index could also lead you to lost socks, it would be worth its weight in gold!



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