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Index Rates

There are four major methods for pricing index preparation:

  • Per page - A certain amount is charged for each indexable page in the text. ( See INDEX SPECIFICATIONS AND DELIVERY OPTIONS for an explanation of "indexable pages".) This is by far the most common approach used by publishers.

  • Per line of index - Works well when the number of lines to be included in the index is specified ahead of time.

  • By hour of work - This method is probably the least satisfactory since it is not always possible to make a firm estimate of the time involved before starting the project.

  • Per project-One price is set for the completion of the index regardless of the number of pages of text or lines in the index. This approach works well when a firm budget has been set for the production of the book.

Most North Coast Indexing projects are charged by indexable page. We work with the publisher or author to determine the number of pages ahead of time. Since texts vary in terms of the complexity of the subject matter, the density of printing on the page, and the level of indexing required to adequately capture the information, we employ a pricing range as follows:

  • General interest nonfiction and trade publication - $3.25 per page.
  • Scholarly works, including biographies - $4.25 per page.

All rates are negotiable, and we make every effort to work within the budget for the project.



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